Friday, January 28, 2011

99 Speedmart Menyalurkan Hasil Kutipan RM30,000 Dari Kempen 'Hari Tanpa Beg Plastik'Kepada Global Environment Centre(GEC)

Sg. Buloh, 21 Januari 2011 (Jumaat) - Kumpulan pasarakyat 99 Speedmart
pada hari ini memberi sumbangan sebanyak RM30,000 kepada Global
Environment Centre (GEC), sebuah badan bukan kerajaan yang bertumpu
pada isu-isu alam sekitar di Malaysia. Sumbangan tersebut disalurkan
daripada kutipian 99 Speedmart yang menyertai kempen "Hari Tanpa Beg
Plastik" anjuran Kerajaan Negeri Selangor.

Penyampaian cek dibuat oleh Quek Teng Hiong, pengurus besar 99
Speedmart Sdn Bhd dan disaksikan oleh YB Elizabeth Wong, EXCO
Pelancongan, Hal Ehwal Pengguna dan Alam Sekitar, Kerajaan Negeri
Selangor. Upcara tersebut diadakan di cawangan 99 Speedmart di Bandar
Baru Sungai Buloh.

Dengan lebih 200 cawangan di Lembah Klang, 99 Speedmart merupakan
salah satu penyokong kempen "Hari Tanpa Beg Plastik" yang terawal dan
terpenting, sejak usaha tersebut dilancarkan pada permulaan tahun
2010. Usaha Kerajaan Negeri Selangor tersebut bertujuan untuk
mengurangkan penggunaan beg plastik di negeri ini melalui satu kempen
sukarela yang kini disertai oleh lebih dari 80 peruncit.

Setiap hari Sabtu, peruncit-peruncit ini menggalakkan pengguna untuk
membawa bersama beg membeli-belah mereka sendiri dengan mengenakan
bayaran 20 sen untuk setiap beg plastik yang diberi. Kutipan duit ini
disalurkan kepada program tanggungjawab sosial korporat (CSR),
kebajikan dan badan-badan bukan kerajaan (NGO).

Kempen "Hari Tanpa Beg Plastik" ini amat berjaya sehingga Kerajaan
Persekutuan mengikuti jejak langkah Kerajaan Negeri Selangor melalui
kempen yang serupa di seluruh negara.

"Saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada semua peruncit yang bantu
menjayakan kempen 'Hari Tanpa Beg Plastik' yang dianjurkan oleh
Kerajaan Negeri Selangor," kata Wong. "Melalui usaha mereka, kita
telah berjaya mengurangkan lebih dari 4 juta beg plastik pada tahun
lepas. Di samping itu, kita juga berjaya meningkatkan kesedaran rakyat
Selangor terhadap kepentingan menjaga alam sekitar. Pada hari ini,
melalui 99 Speedmart dan GEC, kita dapat melihat satu lagi hasil
kempen ini, iaitu penyaluran duit kutipan kempen terhadap usaha yang

"Ini merupakan cara kami untuk menunjukkan kepada rakyat betapa
pentingnya melindungi alam sekitar melalui pengurangan kegunaan beg
plastik," kata Quek. "Terbukti juga janji kami bahawa kesemua kutipan
melalui kempen ini akan disalurkan terhadap perlindungan bumi untuk
generasi akan datang."

"Kami berasa amat bersyukur kerana dipilih untuk menerima sumbangan
ini dan ingin memberi penghargaan kepada 99 Speedmart kerana menyertai
kempen 'Hari Tanpa Beg Plastik,'" kata Chee Tong Yiew, pengurus GEC
yang menerima cek tersebut. "Kempen tersebut bukan sahaja berjaya
mengurangkan penggunaan beg plastik tetapi juga membawa faedah secara
tidak langsung kepada penjagaan alam sekitar, misalnya melalui
sumbangan seperti ini."

Menurut Chee, sumbangan tersebut akan digunakan oleh GEC untuk
menyokong aktiviti kesedaran alam sekitar seperti program penjagaan
sungai di peringkat sekolah, aktiviti Renjer Sungai seperti pemantauan
kualiti air dan program kitar semula, dan juga aktiviti pemeliharaan
dan pemuliharaan hutan bakau di Klang.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics is NOT the solution!

State slams ‘green’ plastics

BUTTERWORTH: The state government believes the use of biodegradable plastic bags is not a better option to counter the state’s policy of reducing the use of plastic bags to protect the environment.

State Local Government and Traffic Management Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said the state disagreed with plastic manufacturers, which claimed biodegradable plastics were more environmental friendly.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why it’s good but why it should be better!

No Plastic Bag Day: Why it’s good but why it should be better!

midweek moan
So in recent headlines, the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry has made ‘No Plastic Bag Day’ Saturdays applicable throughout the country – instead of just in Penang and Selangor before – and, in an effort to make the campaign more effective, they’ve also implemented a 20 sen charge on shoppers for each new plastic bag used at hypermarkets, supermarkets and Petronas service stations on the day.
It gets a lot stricter in Penang, where the state’s Consumer Watch Group has made every day  ‘No Plastic Bag Day’ (also with the 20 sen charge), which also coincides with Penang’s new ‘No Polystyrene at Local Council Hawker Centres’ ruling, following the state’s efforts last year on educating their public about the new rulings for 2011.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Many using recyclable bags at hypermarts


It has been slightly over a year now since the Selangor government started its ‘No Plastic Bag Day’ campaign on Saturdays.

Selangor Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said the response had been good, with calls by several retailers to increase the number of days for the campaign.

“Initially, there were some hiccups and they were concerned whether they could actually do it or not,” said Wong.

“However, the retailers have now become one of our strongest advocates and some even embarked on their own initiative, like AEON where after three to four months of joining the campaign, has called for their Jusco outlets in Kuala Lumpur to be part of it too.

For wider coverage of the campaign to include sundry shops and neighbourhood grocery stores, local councils and the Housing and Local Government Ministry need to be involved,” she said.

“Some small retailers have stopped giving plastic bags completely and have substituted this with paper bags instead.
Shopping made easy: Shoppers at Tesco Mutiara Damansara filling their bags with items.

“Even some local councils, like Sandakan in Sabah, have also adopted Saturdays for the No Plastic Bag policy,” she said.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grand Prize Winner of: The Colour Me Green with Tongue in Chic Contest!

ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNER! (from Tougue in Chic Website)
Our mission to seek the greenest stylista for our Colour Me Green with Tongue in Chic has ended! 
Selangor No Plastic Bag Day & Tongue in Chic fortnightly style competition has come to a close, and here's a great big thank you to everyone for your fantastic submissions!
We didn’t know where to start with the judging, as there were so many awesome eco-friendly looks to choose from. Entry upon entry of environment-lovin' picture posts kept gracing the We support 'No Plastic Bag Day' every Saturday gallery walls, making it incredibly difficult to narrow down.
However, after much debate our judges finally picked one from the mix of creative entries. DRUMROLL PLEASE…

And now the announcement you've all been waiting for...the winner of the Colour Me Green contest goes to... Ain Ahmad F!
Dress, blouse and bag from:

Ain's look placed her in the top shortlisted position, in which she drew inspiration from taking out the dusty photo albums of her family, and fusing her current style with vintage old skool fashion sense of her aunties back in the day.

When asked about her view on promoting the eco-friendly trend, Ain says that, "I find the eco-chic trend to be very plausible, people just need to experiment with it instead of shoving the idea aside. The easiest way to promote it is by showing people how it can work - open them up to styles that are eco-friendly, and also promote more on shops that sell green goods!"

Ain brings home the Grand Prize of a 3D2N sponsored accomodation at the luxurious yet minimal Sekeping Serendah Retreat for four people, as well as a delicious dinner worth RM300 at Bread and Olive at Ampang Look Out Point, sponsored by Tourism Selangor.

Our environmentally conscious prizes are sponsored and brought to you by:

Flowerdrum Bags
Sekeping Serendah Retreat
Tourism Selangor Sdn Bhd
More info on the NoPlasticBagDay

All in all, its been a fantastic few weeks, and its very encouraging to see that green fashion can be very stylish for everyone, and not just celebrities! Here's to the next contest! In the meantime we applaud those who took the time and effort to enter the contest, here's to the rest of the contestants that did a terrific job.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

黃潔冰:年杪達目標‧雪減用1千萬個塑膠袋 - SinChew

16 Sept 2010
“雪州政府今年就已經免費派發了2萬5千個環保袋給民眾,並且會持續派發更多的環保袋。” 明年增加無塑膠袋日天數 她透露,雪州政府正著手計劃在明年推行另一階段的計劃,包括增加雪州無塑膠袋日的天數、持續減少使用塑膠袋的數量、增加環保運動計劃、減少土埋場的垃圾數量、節省用水計劃等。至於進一步的細節,黃潔冰表示現階段不方便透露太多,唯只是強調一切細節預計將在開齋節後做詳細的公佈。

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gallery 5 Winner: Zedeck & Sharon

Congrats Zedeck & Sharon for being this fortnight's contest winners! :) Check out their vintage eco green style here -


Sharon is wearing
- Sweater from Topman, jeans from Warehouse, family heirloom wig and rabbit, family heirloom
Zedeck is wearing
- Customized vintage dress from & reusable bag picked up free from the roadside